Ways and Types of Female Masturbation: A Guide from

28 Apr 2023, 20:26

At times, men and women believe that female masturbation is more complex than male masturbation. But, you should know that females can masturbate in more ways than men and because of that, many people think it is complicated to understand female masturbation.

When you go on porn sites to watch female pornstars in the industry masturbate, you will notice that they generally use sex toys and play around with their bodies until they have an orgasm. However, that is not the only way a woman can masturbate as there are many other ways to do that.

However, the porn industry believes that it is the sexiest form of female masturbation and serves as a prelude to the action that will happen in hot sexy porno movies. However, female masturbation is a vast topic and there are so many different ways a woman can masturbate.

You cannot even think of some of the ways a woman would masturbate and you will never see such things in HOT XXX videos because those are not that sexy. The main objective of showing female masturbation in a sexy porn video is to build up anticipation for the actual action.

So, if you are wondering how women masturbate, in this guide from, let’s dive deep into this matter. You will learn different ways and techniques that women use to pleasure themselves. Thus, here are X ways and types of female masturbation.


  1. Furniture


Women can masturbate in some unusual ways that will make you go crazy initially. But, when you think deeply, you will realize that it is quite understandable why women masturbate in that fashion. The same is with furniture. A woman would grind their vagina on furniture that will help them in stimulating the clitoris. It would help women in reaching orgasms quite frequently.


  1. Pillow


You have often seen girls keeping pillows between their legs. You might think that such pillows help these girls to sleep well. For many women, that might be the case. But, for some, it is might a way of masturbating. Yes, when they keep the pillow between their legs, the soft touch of the pillow on their clitoris initiates stimulation that gradually builds and ends up giving them amazing orgasms.


  1. Bed Sheet


At times, you might also see that girls have their bed sheets between their legs. You might think that they are doing it because they are feeling cold and the bed sheet is keeping them warm. But, there might be something else that is heating up with the touch of that bed sheet. Yes, women also masturbate by keeping the bed sheet between their legs and stimulating their clitoris with its touch.


  1. Erotic Content


If you think that only men love to watch porn movies and sex scenes in various movies, then you are wrong because women love to watch such content as much as men. Also, this sort of erotic content helps women masturbate. Women keep their porn and lube closer to each other because they know if they watch porn, they would need the lube. Apart from that, sexy gifs or images also help women to masturbate.


  1. Shower Heads


Women at times also masturbate using hand showers. You might have seen many women using the hand shower more. Well, it is not right that all of them use it to masturbate but some do. The splash of water on their clitoris helps women to get aroused and also, get orgasms. The stimulation from the splash of water can be very exciting.


  1. Nipple Play


The nipple is probably one of the most erogenous parts of a woman’s body. Therefore, when a woman starts playing with her nipple with erotic thoughts in her head, she would get horny and at times, her excitement can also reach its peak resulting in multiple orgasms through the nipple play.


Final Thoughts

Finally, these are some different ways and techniques that women use during masturbation to draw maximum pleasure. If you haven’t tried any of them then you can also give these methods a try. You can rest assured you will have tremendous pleasure while masturbating as these are tried, tested, and proven techniques of female masturbation.


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