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In need of some one to scratch that itch deep inside cock-craving wife Chloe Surreal, enter Dean Steele, the neighbor's son from two blocks down the street who is away at college but comes home on break. The fact that his dad might accidentally discover the clandestine relationship gives added spice and taboo flavor to the deal. In this second book, we join the two already naked and wrapped in a torrid embrace on the back seat of the very familiar yellow GTO convertible, while they talk of hot threesomes and the beautiful slave-woman Chloe intends to turn Dean into once he's through with her own husband and moved onto her next target. She plans to sell that slave into sexual servitude. Then the two become much too preoccupied for anything but sex-scented kisses... "I love my life..." A blissful, faraway quality suffuses Chloe Surreal's voice as the itch in the far reaches of her soul and deepest core begins to finally get scratched, or fucked into sweet submission by the rock-hard young cock pummeling her tight cunt. She languishes upon the back seat of the well-worn, lemon-yellow 1970's Pontiac GTO which is parked and hidden away in the copse of woods near their neighborhood. Dean Steele, twenty year old neighbor of a previous house owned by her husband James, and of one street over, continues thrusting his erection into her creaming twat.