Dallas Black (9 / 15)

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Dallas Black was in deed of a ride one day, so she had no other choice but hitchhike on the side of a road. But little did she know that she was going to pay a high price for it. Before they go anywhere, this sexy skinny black haired babe is made to strip off all of her sexy clothing, just so she could be fully naked. Because that is exactly what the driver told her to do. So because she is in great need of a ride, she has no other option than to do as she is told. As she is stripping off her sexy jeans, she is revealing her sexy pair of purple panties, and the fact that she she is not wearing a bra at all. but it seems like stripping is not enough, because she has to be sucking on that massive white monster cock, in order for her to get home. And she will gladly be licking and pleasuring it because deep down, she is a very cock hungry young babe. As soon as she is done with her work, she can finally get to her destination. Do not miss out on this dirty ride!